вторник, 21 апреля 2009 г.


" I came back home from my new advanced exercise class. I was exhausted. My husband - Richard laughted at me and said that It's a piece of cake. I was disturb how he could said it if he didn't visited any training. And then we bet. The bet was - if I win, Richard cook dinner for the entire family. On the next day, Richard went to the aerobics class and returned full of power. I wondered. I didn't belive that he really went to the class! After that I made a shopping list and Richard told me that he just photographed and did nothing at class. I want to kill him! But, I gave him a second chance to win the bet.  and we went to the advanced exercise class at four o'clock today. Richard had a first advanced exercise class and he did all exercises.But, he was exhausted after that. He confessed that It's not easy. I thought that he really good at it and I helped him with dinner for you. Enjoy your meal!"

понедельник, 20 апреля 2009 г.

The whole world move so fast. Many people couldn't organize their active leisure fasilities, because they haven't enough freetime and power for this. And where is the way from this situation? I think that businesses should provide sports and leisure facilities for staff.

First of all, "a sound mind in a sound body" and many businesses have to think about healthy of staff. The healthier worker is, the more poductive he is. Furthermore, a healthy worker doesn't need to take a sick-leave certificate, and company doesn't ned to pay vacuous hours.

In addition, the sport activity has a competitive and cooperative spirit. What means staff can be more motivative and organize to achive a chief aim of company.

On the other hand, any improvement demand some money. But, what you say, if your profit grown up, because your staff work more effeciently? I think everyone say "yes", if you haven't as opponent some kind of donkey.

In conclusion, i'm strongly belive that company need to organize sports and leisure facilities for staff. Finally, everyone has the right to rest. and why don't company could do smth about it?

понедельник, 23 марта 2009 г.

the smart house

Dear, Yana!
I hadn't a chance to write,because I had been moving on a new house. It's a smart house.
"What's mean?" - you asked me.
Well, It's a very useful hi-tech house with different possibilities. For example, I needn't go shopping. The special system make up a list of necessary products if my refregeration is empty. It's excellent! You know that I can forget everything and this house is special for me. I can have all information about situation in my house at one moment at sms.
You can say that It's a toy and wasteful. But, why not? I have enough money to a pay a high bill and I haven't any time to do my domestic duty.
Of course, I miss of my old-fashionable house, big windows with lovely sills, the red bookcase and our proper conversations on a kitchen. On the other hand, now I have my own house, my own kitchen (I have a sink unitt with mixer tap and double drainer, a line of useful cupboards, a split-level cooker and eye-level gill. Would you like to cook on this kitchen?). I have a normal cosy single bed instead of bunk bed.
I don't regret about my decision to move out of parents house. I proud of my property and work.
If you want to meet with me, reply on my e-mail. I hope I'll see you on the weekend.

your July.