понедельник, 23 марта 2009 г.

the smart house

Dear, Yana!
I hadn't a chance to write,because I had been moving on a new house. It's a smart house.
"What's mean?" - you asked me.
Well, It's a very useful hi-tech house with different possibilities. For example, I needn't go shopping. The special system make up a list of necessary products if my refregeration is empty. It's excellent! You know that I can forget everything and this house is special for me. I can have all information about situation in my house at one moment at sms.
You can say that It's a toy and wasteful. But, why not? I have enough money to a pay a high bill and I haven't any time to do my domestic duty.
Of course, I miss of my old-fashionable house, big windows with lovely sills, the red bookcase and our proper conversations on a kitchen. On the other hand, now I have my own house, my own kitchen (I have a sink unitt with mixer tap and double drainer, a line of useful cupboards, a split-level cooker and eye-level gill. Would you like to cook on this kitchen?). I have a normal cosy single bed instead of bunk bed.
I don't regret about my decision to move out of parents house. I proud of my property and work.
If you want to meet with me, reply on my e-mail. I hope I'll see you on the weekend.

your July.

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  1. Well done, Julia!
    Just some comments:
    IN the kitchen
    to pay the bills
    I AM proud
    domestic CHORES
    and some other minor mistakes that don't spoil the overall impression